Soul Surfing, The Traveler Starts a New Journey

In A brief post it was written to this day: “My intention today is to love, love, love myself in a way that nobody can…and that’s the way I AM!”

This could easily be the title of my new novel or a comedy or just a small post in my fb wall. A wall that contains the most eclectic messages of love, of gratitude, of peace of war of the Self with That Self that can take over any time …because it is LOVELOVELOVE…and love is ALL.

As a child I was in love with Heidy, the girl and flower of the Alps… the story goes that she lived very far away in a very high mountain called the Alps in Swiss Cheese Country. I am only a flowing and singing frog. mhmm yes a frog that sings and dances thru Eternity…I have survived all because when needed I transmuted to other elements. We are Star Dust so I am That I am.

In the beginning my name is Ki-Ran, the first ray of light of the Son and the Moon showering to GAIA…PRECIOUS GAIA! The three of us were in a romantic collapse, moon, stars, sun, rays of light so deep down under GAIA that everything blasted and they now call it a Bing bang…LOL…it was pure, pure LOVE!!!! And I believed in you again… my Owle, dear Love Maia, and Gaia, we are better together…Love…

I’ll be waiting for you. No matter how long or far I’ll have to travel…I will wait for you. Find your way thru the see…meet me half way dear Sweat heart, find me at the end of the rainbow…I never gonna let you go..please let me in, love, LOVE,…evlo, LOVE, EVLOVE,…evolve …EVOLVE! to a hight Conciousness.

This could be me or you or Thee, just live, love and laugh!