From -Science & Spirituality Conference 2018, Vancouver CA

 -Q& A ..something to ponder on vaccine & autism . Unquote :-
Science has been cherry pick , skewed, media tell you is a story that support their story , not the truth story . In 50ties – 6 type of vaccinations. now 19 types of vaccination before baby leave hospital . It is not about new DNA, it is activation of DNA potential . Super human is our ordinary state. It is not how long we live , but how we life when we attain that age we have a natural vaccination – tonsil , a unique vaccination system. 6 nos @ throat -. Text book is wrong – for tonsil to protect you from invasion, Tonsil to open to outside to invite things in , it is oral vaccination . if you go under the skin , you by pass the intelligence system of being aware of entry point ,,sentry are there. Tonsil diminished at age 12 ,as no longer necessary. Oral vaccine is only legitimate way to vaccine a child . Once you insert a needle under skin , you violate the integrity of whole / holy system ,, cause autism etc.. It is biz , total damn biz. It is a violation of human rights – for someone to inject me a poison to live a life

New information/wisdom for me from Science & Spirituality Conference June 16-
A – Something new – all of our cells made viruses. Viruses are communication devices that alter the others cells in the Field. When placenta is invading the Mother , placenta cell made a virus that carry information that altered immune system of mother . All of our cells are communicating with whole ,. Not all viruses are negative. Human have 50 trillion cell. Cancer cell release viruses – Exomes – send it to destination – where cancer is going to grow.. eg cancer cell at leg ,, send virus to few place in body to grow. eg to liver – “Terra forming” – to prepare environment for cancer cell at leg to grow at liver . < 3 % of genome are gene ,, 5 to 8 % of genome are viral cell . Virus can redirect the immune system . Exome – is the future – it send formation to organize your life . Nothing nature made is all bad. We made virus an enemy cos we are focusing on negative side .Exome- support harmony & coherence of community of 50 trillion cells. When community breakdown = disease

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