The Traveler, Looking for my Origins

sol en north shore oahu

By Kiran Mae, 10-9-18 SJU

I love traveling and I have made it an adventure of life. If you know me you will see of the many pictures I take and of the many places I visit. It is the only way I can take a feeling with me.  A feeling of the place you visit stays with you, doesn’t matter if it was good or bad vibes. You will only be able to take with you souvenirs, pictures and emotions.

As an example, do you remember your first field trip to the mountains? If you were from the city, I am sure you are living it now. Most probably you will remember the smell of the trees at night, when darkness comes and only a fire pit is your light. Let’s share our present adventures thru the world. Many cultures suggest having a little vacation from time to time. That is the best effort a human being can do for him or her, their family and ancestors. Why? Because when you take your time to unwind all job matters, you open yourself to infinite possibilities in your dream stage and in everyday life.

Few days ago I came from my first tour of LeMuRia. Amazing you can feel the difference between People of Polynesia and us from the Caribbean. I knew about Hawaii because of Hawaii 50, the TV series, also learned about their dance when my family took me to Amusement Parks. Everyone wanted a hoola hoop or a lemon twist. Those are games for girls than boys wanted to play with. It was amazing the many games we could invent with only one ring!  At present we could call it Zumba Class.

As a very simple and wondrous traveler I look for the best and simpler places to visit. I could say is a combination of what locals do and what tour guides would love to share with tourists if they own the company. As an example, there is this nice movement of local food on trucks that have received great compliments from tour companies because of the great service, excellent food and ambient they ensure to all customers. If you are to travel to Hawaii you must have in consideration that food is pricey here but a dinner can be for two adults. That can by jumbo shrimps Hawaiian style with Japanese rice and salad or “taro” a very rich in proteins root vegetable that it is a staple in everyday cooking. In Puerto Rico we call it Malanga, and we make mash Malanga with butter and cheese, serving it with pork, chicken or bacalao (codfish).

It is interesting to see so many dishes that look familiar to my culture but are made with different spices and in different ways. This is the beauty of being a traveler, you see how close you are to others instead of separate. As a poem could say: ” You are my sky, you are my life, you are my love…cause love encompasses all.”

Well until my next blog, travelers!88


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